1. Who are you?
  2. What are you doing?
  3. What is a hippocampus extension?
  4. What do you believe?
  5. Who are you associated with?
  6. Can I write for Hippocampus Extensions?

Who are you?

We are Christians who live in Sydney, Australia. You can view our personal sites to find out more about us: Ben / Karen

We look a bit like this (below).

Ben and Karen

What are you doing?

Hippocampus Extensions is an online magazine that investigates the interaction of truth and the human experience, that is, the word of God and our rebellious hearts.

Philosophically, we want to fight against three A's of postmodernism: ambiguity, anonymity and apathy.

The postmodern life-liver loves:

We want to be:

Practically (and therefore spiritually), we aim to fight against sin, the world and the devil. These three enemies will distract us from the Word of God, entangle us in stupid patterns of life, and prevent us from living thankful, blameless lives until the return of our Saviour.

Say it quicker? We want you to know God.

What is a hippocampus extension?

There are at least two possible meanings:

  1. the hippocampus (really) is a part of the brain which “plays an important role in the formation of long-term memories”1.
    We want to get the truth about Jesus into your long-term memory so that, when it matters, you will know how to act in a way that is worthy of him.
  2. Secondly, we want to try and resolve the specific problems that we all have in knowing how to best live for God's glory. That is, we want the tensions in your hippocampus to become ex-tensions. We can only do this by serious study of the Scriptures which contain all the wisdom and instruction we need.

1 Penguin Dictionary of Psychology, entry on the hippocampal formation.

What do you believe?

No one likes to categorise the people who follow Jesus Christ but if necessary we are evangelicals and accept the statement of faith used by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students:

We believe in

Who are you associated with?

We attend churches in Sydney (NSW, Australia) and are associated with the following organisations:

Can I write for Hippocampus Extensions?

We aren't currently taking submissions but this may change in the future.