Just when this site was about to become retro it has been snatched from the jaws of a fashionable death. During a year of no new content its popularity has strangely increased so we think we owe it to you Hungry Hungry Hippos to stage our greatest come-back so far.

This come-back features a Brand New Format. In the past, Hippocampus Extensions has been an every-two-monthly-edition-based affair. But our ability to publish in such a fashion is clearly less than average. In response, we now unveil a whim-based publishing schedule wherein we post new stuff whenever we jolly well feel like it.

We expect this will lead to More Frequent Good Stuff on a Greater Variety Of Topics in a Range of Formats. We hope it also encourages you to think about writing for us on whatever topic you please, whenever you please. We'll give you feedback on your work.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to Jesus, the Lord of the universe, his message of salvation, and the promotion of a life worthy of him through the medium of writing.

This commitment involves training others to write as well, and to that end we'll be running training groups this year in Sydney. If you'd like to be involved, join our mailing list and you'll hear all about them.

So, tell your friends: Hippocampus Extensions is back. And about time too.

Ben and Karen Beilharz

An artist's impression of Ben and Karen

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Glad to see the hippo rear its head again! Bring on the writing, word by word…

Posted by Guan on 17 January, 2005 3:44 PM

Wow. Well. Cool!

I guess I don’t need to start up my UNWritten/UNPublished site anymore—the underlying plan to be something similar to what this has morphed into. Hrm.

My goodness, that does not look like me!

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