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life with the screen   e-vangelism
  and the virtual church
"where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." —Jesus
Welcome to the first edition...
Could it work?
The possibilities appear to be unparalleled but would anyone accept the gospel online?
Finding God Online
What kind of evangelism is taking place on the web?
Designer Friends, Designer God

How the web makes us think about religion.

Stuart Crawshaw and Ben Beilharz
the invisible churchThe Invisible Church

Will the internet make us all disappear?

Ben Beilharz
The Virtual Apostle

The Apostle Paul's relationship with the church at Thessalonica.

Karen Beilharz
sheepInterview with e-vangelists Jens and Mike from gracenotworks.com
Weighing it up
Is e-vangelism a waste of time?

Mail in a post-post age
Karen on the new communication.

Getting started in e-vangelism
Ben on the basics of putting something online.
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Answering the question: How do I stop sinning?

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Ben: Visit his bit o' the site... . . . Ben is still trying to thwart the attempts of cyberspace to suck him in permanently and did more research for this edition than he ever dreamed of at university . . . Karen: Visit her bit of the site... . . . Karen has traversed cyberspace for much longer than Ben and has come out reasonably unscathed despite, in her day, downloading whole episodes of the Legend of Zelda . . .