Stuff that was useful in preparing this edition.

The Blessings and Curses of Internet Evangelism

Justin Long

The most sensible (and the shortest) piece that I read with great advice that we've used in "Weighing it up". Read it!

Embracing the Cyberchurch

Andrew Careaga

He is much more keen to embrace it than we are but his observations of internet culture and what an online "seeker" would find attractive are quite useful.

Cybernauts Awake!

The Church of England

Very lengthy and takes a while to get going but plenty of good insights throughout. "It does not seek to present an official Church view."

Christians in Cyberspace

Kim A. Lawton

Some good pros and cons (but offline last time I checked).

Communicating Christ on the Information Superhighway

Rev. Arne H. Fjeldstad

Strangely long and repetitive but raises some good questions and starts to answer them. Fairly dated now (in internet years at least).

The Sacred and the Virtual: Religion in the Multi-User Virtual Reality

Ralph Schroeder, Noel Heather, Raymond M. Lee

The virtual reality church that they describe is truly bizarre. Would have liked to talk about this more in this issue...

The Power of God: Sermon by Phillip Jensen

Talk 6 at the 1998 Mid Year Conference, 16th July 1998.

The material in "The Invisible Church" about the uses of the word church/assembly came from Phillip's talk.


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