Welcome to the first edition of Hippocampus Extensions. This magazine will endeavour to answer questions that relate to how faith in Jesus Christ should affect the life of a human being. We want to examine issues that matter so that church is better equipped to build itself up in love. We are interested in the practicalities and to that end there is a regular section explaining What to do and How to do it (Monty Python influence, yes). In this issue, we ask whether Christians should be engaged in internet evangelism and whether the church could ever be a virtual one. The articles are presented in a particular order, and you will be guided to the next one each time, but they are all complete in themselves so feel free to go nuts and read whatever you want.

It is intended that each issue be a work in progress—that it raise issues that Christians need to consider, suggest answers, and accept comments that may lead to those answers being revised. You can comment on the material by filling in the form at the bottom of each page.

Of course it's no good just thinking and writing about things—God is interested in changed lives that are an act of worship to Him. We can try to extend your hippocampus but only God's spirit at work in you will bring anything worthwhile from it; the reader (and the author) must decide to act if the work is to have any value.

Thanks for coming!

Ben and Karen Beilharz

Statement of Faith


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