Hippocampus Extensions Issue 04

The Suffering of God

Suffering is disorienting. It confuses both Christian and non-Christian and provokes even the atheist to think about God. But if there's one thing that helps us to begin to make sense of it, it's:

The Suffering of God
[Ben introduces our theme.]

The theory is easy when you're not suffering, isn't it? In the next three articles we see the clash of theology with experience:

As Hard as Wood and as Sharp as Nails
[Glenn Hohnberg tries to interpret the pain he has experienced and urges Christians to remember God's character]

An Interview with Haydn
[Karen talks to Haydn Sennitt about the death of his mother.]

The final word about suffering will be pronounced on judgment day. Our present experience of pain is put into perspective by the realities of both heaven and hell:

Putting Out the Fires of Hell
[Ben on why we don't talk about hell and why we should.]

Snapshots of Heaven
[Karen on what we do and don't know about the pearly gates.]

And finally, what to do and how to do it:

Be Prepared to Suffer
[Karen reviews three books that can help you prepare for suffering.]

Is Christ Worth It?
[Maheesha Sabapathy explains why we must choose to suffer.]