Thursday, 03 April, 2008

Writerly bits

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I’m interested in the paperless one because we’ve recently been talking at work about “document blindness” and the need to print things out and read over them. Do you find a difference between editing on screen and on paper?

Yes, I definitely prefer onscreen. Paper gets messy. Sometimes I like to play with the text—change things around and try it one way, then change it back, etc.—see how it works.


Kinds of Blue: Cover art



A way of funding writing in the future: pitch and idea and get people to support it.

Place where you can hire play equipment for parties, etc.

How to recalibrate the home button on your iPhone.

Unsolicited manuscripts accepted by Pan Macmillan with certain conditions.

Thought Balloon is a group blog in which the writers tackle a new theme every week? month? with one-page scripts. This URL is for their Phonogram ones.


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