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Wednesday, 27 October, 2004

I'm currently thinking about doing a blog redesign and am mining the web for ideas. A useful place to begin has always been the CSS Zen Garden where designers take up the challenge of pusshing CSS to the limits by just changing the stylesheet. My favourites are:

Update: I like how the divs have different coloured backgrounds and that the date comes first, then title, then no. of comments here. And SixFoot6 is just gorgeous. Elsie would love this site (it's got recipes).

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Good grief! Did you go through all of them?

You’ve probably seen it, but this morning I was plumbing netdiver.net for design ideas…

Of course I went through them all; what else am I going to do when there’s nothing to do at work?

Thanks for the link—haven’t seen that before.

Well, you could start writing a novel.

That would require more brain cells than I bring to work.

oh i loved looking at most of those!!! hehe. i like the lillies too one of my favourite flowers smile

i need to learn how to work with adobe shop more so i can do stuff with graphics - merging and so forth smile

Posted by Fuzzi on 30 October, 2004 6:33 PM

Me too—I’m a bit scared of it.


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