Boys can’t decide

Monday, 23 April, 2007

This is what Ben wrote for the WBW exercise on Saturday. He didn't want to put it on his blog but he allowed me to put it on mine:

Boys can't decide. One boy alone can't decide, and if you add a second boy, the indecision is multiplied. Actually I don't have time to decide whether the growth is exponential or simply additional, but I'm sure you'll understand the magnitude of the indecision when I tell you that last night there were, together, in the same room, four boys who could not decide. The Biggest Loser wasn't helping. Cameron had only seen the recap of the recap, and missed the flashback so he had no idea what Jerry (real name forgotten) looked like six weeks ago and could not appreciate Jerry's transformation. That is, not until Jerry put both his legs into one leg of his old pair of jeans.

But as I said, The Biggest Loser wasn't helping so I switched it off. That was the first step towards a decision. If Indeciders Anonymous was not just wishful thinking on my part, the first step of the 12-Step program would be switching off The Biggest Loser.

Step 2 is locating socks and shoes. At present, the options are: aqua golf at Penrith (too far), Crazy Putt Putt Golf and Serious Putt Putt Golf (which didn't involve any dinosaurs), disco bowling (too dark!), soccer in the street (not dark enough) and ninja-style invasion of the women's night. Unfortunately Cameron's wife had organised the women's night. I'm sure I don't need to explain further. Perhaps if we left the house, it would help. As soon as the door closes, brainwave: Texas Hold 'Em Poker. But where? And in whose car? And do we need petrol? And what CD should we put on?

Hello, my name is Ben and I can't make decisions.

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I loved Ben’s piece!  Is there more?  If not…there should be!

Wish I could have been there.  Next time fer sure.


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