Bring-it-on baby blanket

Friday, 15 October, 2010

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second child at the moment. When she was pregnant with her first, she asked me to knit a baby blanket. She had something specific in mind, but the project never eventuated for reasons I won't go into. When she told us that she was pregnant this time, I resolved I'd knit this bub a blanket.

I found the pattern for the Bring-it-on baby blanket through Whip Up (though I can't remember how I got to Whip Up!) I've made it a couple of times before—once for Guan and Mary's bub, and once for Astrid—


(I couldn't blog that earlier because then you'd know if we were having a boy or a girl. This one was made out of very cheap acrylic yarn, and I don't care whether Astrid destroys it.) It's a pretty easy pattern: the first row is basically feather and fan, and the other three are garter stitch. But you normally do it with 8 ply yarn. I wanted to make it in cotton, but I didn't have enough 8 ply. I had plenty of 4 ply though, so I decided to use that, but that meant adapting the pattern. After a bit of figuring, I realised I could make it practically the same size on 4 mm needles (using 8 mm needles to cast on and off) if I cast on 220 stitches. So here it is from yarn (Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply cotton) to thing:


Each row took about 10 minutes to knit. One stripe of colour is 16 rows, and there are 18 stripes on the blanket, which means, all up, it took me 48 hours in total to knit it. By the end, I was sooooooo sick of it! Time to knit something else more interesting …


Here's my niece Zali with the finished blanket! (Photo posted with permission.)

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