Dress with eyelets

Tuesday, 14 September, 2010

For once, a non-mammoth blog post.

I finished making this back in July, but it was a little tricky to knit it in public. When you knit in public, someone will invariably ask you, “What are you making?” But I couldn't tell them because if I did, they'd know if Peanut was a boy or a girl. So I'd say, “It's a secret; it's for my baby.” This is why I am excited to finally show you what it is.

The pattern comes from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss, which was given to me by the lovely Sammi and Guy when I first announced I was pregnant. (Sammi was at pains to tell me that it wasn't that she thought I was a beginner knitter; she just had the book lying around and wasn't going to use it, and thought I would instead.) For a while, I didn't think I would make any baby clothes because babies tend to grow out of things so quickly (like every three months!) Later I changed my mind and thought I would make Astrid a few things. This was one of them: dress with eyelets.

I made it in the 0-3-month size (and am now contemplating making it in the bigger size!) It's an extremely easy pattern; it was just the shoulders that were a little tricky. Here it is being blocked at night (hence the bad photo):


I took a better one in daylight:


Despite the garter stitch hem, I had trouble getting it to lie flat. But blocking certainly helped.

Finally, here is Astrid wearing it:


Back detail: I got a pearl-shaped button to do it up. Not sure if that was the best choice, but then I was in Lincraft and my options were limited:


There's also a hat I made from the same book using the same yarn, but I'm not sure if it will ever get worn because it's the next size up and babies tend to lose hats:


We're going to a wedding in October. I hope that the dress will still fit Astrid as then she can wear it there. But no biggie if it doesn't.

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Aaarg!  Too much cuteness!!!


Simply gorgeous!!

Posted by Elsie on 14 September, 2010 9:11 PM

love it!

Posted by Lizz b. on 15 September, 2010 2:06 AM

So so so cute!

And how nice for Astrid, to have photos of her wearing things her mother made for her when she was so small! She will see how loved she has always been. smile

Posted by Little on 15 September, 2010 3:36 AM

It’s beautiful!!!! I’m so glad you blogged about knitting again, because it is thanks to your blog that I started knitting at the beginning of the year. I knitted my first jumper for myself (oh so proud!) and am currently knitting a nativity scene… not sure if I will finish it in time for Christmas.

I’m so glad you knitted things for Astrid, she will treasure them when she is older…. plus…. knitted clothing just makes a baby even more gorgeous smile

Posted by Miriam on 15 September, 2010 1:47 PM

Aww, thanks Miriam! Glad to hear you’re knitting smile And, wow, a nativity scene! That’s pretty amazing!

The nativity scene I found amongst a pile of old knitting patterns someone gave me. It just uses scraps of wool and the knitting part is fairly easy, it is the putting together that I am struggling with!!
With my mum living in Tanzania at the moment I am having to ask random older ladies in the park if they can help me haha

Posted by Miriam on 20 September, 2010 1:49 PM


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