Eddy Avenue Express

Wednesday, 26 March, 2003

I wrote a few pieces for the Eddy Avenue Express earlier this year. The EAX is a double-sided A3 broadsheet which gets distributed to people standing in the bus queue near Central Station. The idea behind it is that the articles are supposed to be “food for thought for the 15-minute bus ride to Uni” and the theme for this year, taken from Campus Bible Study's O-Week mission, was “Questions”. I never got see an actual copy of the EAX because I always took the bus too early in the morning. The editors kindly put them online in .pdf format so we could see the fruits of our labours. I wrote the crossword that appears in Issue 1. I also wrote two articles: “Justice and Mercy” which appears in Issue 3 and “Why doesn't God do something about suffering?” which appears in Issue 4. Tell me what you think.
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That’s a great idea!  Will have a look.

St Paul’s at Chatswood gave out tapes etc. to motorists stuck at that time consuming intersection with the Pacific Highway.

Perhaps CDs would be good too.  So many people use walkman etc.  About $1 to produce in bulk.  Save it for a special event.


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