Enough hours in the day

Friday, 05 December, 2008

Picking up the thread of what to do with your time, I've been thinking about the composition of my days (well, week days), how they're working and what other people do. In theory, they're supposed to work like this (and it's slightly different when Ben is active because then he does stuff like making dinner during the week, but this is sort of how it's supposed to go now):

Getting up and breakfast0.50
Dinner preparation1.00
Washing up0.25
Quiet time0.25
Shower and blow dry0.50

So that leaves 3.5 hours in a day which are not work, not sleep, not travel, not eating (or preparing to eat), not personal grooming and not time with God.

(Hmm, and there's no exercise in the mix. Wii Fit is being neglected at the moment.)

What am I doing with those 3.5 hours? Sometimes an hour or two is spent doing the grocery shopping and putting everything away. Sometimes it's spent on housework (laundry, etc.) Often it's spent on the computer (reading/responding to email, blogging, getting photos off my camera, doing certain work-related things, reading websites, reading newsletters). Sometimes I'm out doing things. Often I take the last half hour (or eat the last half hour or more into my sleep time) and read before going to sleep. And then it takes me half an hour to get to sleep, but perhaps that should be counted as part of sleep time.

And then the day is done and another one begins.

What is it like for you?


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Multitask. More hours in the day. Less ability to concentrate but, you know, sacrifices have to be made smile

sleep 11 hours, write software 9 hours, remainder 4 for everything else.

Posted by Philip on 06 December, 2008 8:40 AM

Kathleen, what do you mean by ‘multitask’? Sleep and shower? Shower and drive? ;P

Philip, how do you manage to squeeze 11 hours of sleep into your day?

The drugs knock me out, but I do a very productive 9 hours! Just finished Heifer http://www.heiferhk.org

Posted by philip andrew on 07 December, 2008 6:02 AM

Put shoes on while filing.
Learn to write with your non-dominant hand (I can’t write two different things at once but I am learning to write two copies of the same thing).
Write while watching needful things.
Make phone calls while walking home.

I can tell you where that 3.5 hours goes Karen. You watch more DVDs and movies in a week than the average person watches in 2 years. Add it up.

Posted by katie on 03 January, 2009 3:24 PM

Heh! No, I think Kathleen is beating me on that score! ;P


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