Eternal Life: An original graphic novel

Monday, 02 June, 2014

Oh dear: I have not blogged in three months!!! I haven't even done a working update since January! Obviously I've been a little busy, but anyway …

Yesterday Paul and I finalised the interior and cover art for Part 1 of our graphic novel, Eternal Life, and sent it off to our printer. The cover looks like this:

(I am totally in love with Paul's gorgeous artwork!)

Here's what it's about:

Sometimes the things you most wish for are the things most out of reach.

Late one night on the observation deck of a remote space station, a young man meets a young woman. Bri is passing through on her way to somewhere better; Dan finds himself at a crossroads, torn between his dreams of a better life and his loyalty to his missionary family.

Though their time together is brief, this chance meeting will have repercussions for them both, affecting the present and their decisions about their futures.

Here, oddly enough, is what I wrote about it in 2001 and 2007. A lot has changed since then but the core of the story is the same.

So there you go: 13 years in the making.

If all goes well (and I am always tentative about these things until I give the go ahead to the printer to run off dozens and dozens of copies, and even then I'm still nervous about everything), we shall have copies to sell at Supanova Sydney in June and Oz Comic-Con Sydney in September, and online (well, once I build it a website!) And hopefully on Comixology. Eventually.

We hope you enjoy it. More to come.


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