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Sunday, 09 November, 2008

My goodness, I can barely remember the genesis of this project. (*Goes and looks through email archives.*) Oh yeah, December 2006 is when I first asked Fish if he was keen to work on a four-page comic with me. It was going to be for Pulp Crufiction #2 but life got in the way and we didn't make the deadline. Anyway, when Dean put out the call for Pulp Crucifiction #3, we thought we really had to get it done, and enlisted the help of the immensely talented Paul to do the inking for us (while I stood on the sidelines and wrung my hands helplessly as all art stuff is totally out of my league).

After many hours and much agonising and to-and-fro-ing and hard work by my fabulous collaborators, here is the finished product (click for bigger images):

Going home page 1
Going home page 2
Going home page 3
Going home page 4

(Posted with Fish and Paul's permission.)

This was my first experience of collaboration and I really enjoyed it. I particularly loved discovering what the others brought to the table ...


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Good job, all of you!  It looks fantastic!

Thanks Bec!

Bravo Karen. Superb writing and illustration (especially the high contrast frames).

And yes I noticed the transformers poster on the last page! Nice smile


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