Friday, 07 November, 2008

So while Ben was in hospital over the weekend (he fractured his ankle while quad biking—long story) and I was keeping him company on Sunday, I worked at redrawing my four-page comic—this time with a blue pencil. I even re-did the first page. I also inked it (I use the term “inking” loosely!) and then scanned it in. This evening, following the “Copper” tutorial, I blasted out the blue-ness (though not completely because my blue pencils are pretty crappy) and converted everything to greyscale. Here's what the four pages look like at the moment (once again, click for larger images):

In his image page 1
In his image page 2
In his image page 3
In his image page 4

Now I'd better stop neglecting my poor invalid husband and make him some dinner ...


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See! I told you they were cute stick-figures - especially when they’re angry!

Heheheh ... Hello Kitty is my muse!


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