Lace ribbon shawl

Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

Something else I finished just in time for How Sweet the Sound: a shawl but with a lace pattern. I used the pattern from this lace ribbon scarf (which I had knitted for Bec earlier this year). The pattern is by Véronik Avery. But I did it on 15 mm needles with less pattern repeats. Here's the shawl unblocked:

Lace ribbon shawl: unblocked
Lace ribbon shawl: unblocked on chair

(Sorry the photos are bad. I took them late at night.) Here's the shawl when I got it all wet:

Lace ribbon shawl: wet in tub

And then I blocked it:

Lace ribbon shawl: blocked
Lace ribbon shawl: blocked

It dried pretty quickly so here I've tried to model it.

Lace ribbon shawl: Karen wearing it
Lace ribbon shawl: Karen wearing it
Lace ribbon shawl: Karen wearing it
Lace ribbon shawl: Karen wearing it
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That’s really lovely - so vibrant and ethereal.

Thanks Kathleen!

This is really lovely, Karen. I’m always in awe of people who can knit: it’s always been beyond me. This is just gorgeous.


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