On the Town Hall Steps

Friday, 14 July, 2006

This is what I am sending in to the Australian Christian Comics Anthology—the one that Dean is organising. I figured that even though I can't draw, I can take photos. Unfortunately I don't think we have the space on our server for me to upload the bigger version so you will have to be content with the thumbnail.

The text comes from something I wrote for Marinka on the theme of “Lost” when she was working on All Things Hold Together. I'm not sure the zine ever got distributed but it was supposed to be something for students at visual arts campuses to pick up for free and click through.

Kudos to Bron for her awesome design work.

Update: I managed to reduce the PDF size so you can now view it online (209 kb).

On the Town Hall Steps
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It’s lovely, Karen. Musing and dreamy, with a poetic turn of phrase. And the photos are a visual delight. I especially like the whole layout - very artistic!


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