Oriental lily

Thursday, 02 December, 2010

If you want to make things to give to people as Christmas presents, you have to start early—preferably in October. Lately I've become a little obsessed with knitting for children (something I never thought would happen—particularly since they can't wear the garments for very long!) After I finished the Anouk dress, I decided to try my hand at another little girl's dress using the rest of that yarn. It took a whole evening of sifting through patterns on Ravelry before I found a possible candidate (given the amount of yarn I had and the fact that I wanted to make something for Astrid for Christmas—something she'd be able to wear at the six month mark when it was practically autumn). That pattern was the Oriental lily dress. Many many people had already made it on Ravelry, using both plain and variegated yarn. They had rated it a fairly easy pattern so I figured I couldn't go wrong!

The yarn was 8 ply Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton. I realised in hindsight that I had pictures of this yarn before I rolled it into a ball—

Photo 2

—and after:

Photo 3

The light makes it look a lighter blue than it actually is. This might be a fairer photographic representation:


I kept forgetting to take pictures, plus I knitted it faster than I expected. Here's the bodice taking form (you knit it back and forth flat, then put it together):


Here's the dress with finished skirt:

Knitting update on Oriental Lily dress

And now the dress with finished sleeves (but yarn ends not woven in):

State of current knitting project

I had just enough yarn! Then it had to be blocked (which took a little while because I couldn't remember where I'd put my blocking pins, plus I had to make some floorspace among the drying racks):

Oriental Lily dress being blocked

Finally, when it was dry, I had to find a time when Astrid would be amenable to modelling it for me. (Yes, it's a Christmas present for her and she already knows what it is—well, as much as a baby could know!) I tried propping her up on the couch first because I liked the contrast between the dark leather and the dress, but she kept sliding down.


So I moved her to the floor on the quilt (which happens to be the quilt my mother made for me when I was a baby). It was hard to get a shot of her with the dress down and her hands out of her mouth, so these are the best I could do:


I can't believe that she's not even six months old yet and it already fits her!!!

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Gorgeous! Both the model and the dress. Babies’ fists must be tasty wink

Posted by Elsie on 02 December, 2010 5:27 AM

She is so cute. Pretty in blue. Love her masses of black locks.

Posted by Sarah on 02 December, 2010 4:38 PM

>> 1,000,000 x CUTE!!
I love Astrid and this dress.
I 2x love Astrid IN this dress.

Posted by Janet on 03 December, 2010 10:00 PM


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