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Sunday, 12 April, 2009

The fashion designers have certainly worked out a good money-making scheme when it comes to pitching clothes to women. They create clothes that have no pockets, or if they do, actually putting things in the pockets is really unflattering. Then they sell us pocket-sized bags (read: clutch/tote/purse/hobo/wristlets) so that we can actually carry important stuff like wallet/keys/mobile around with us. They plunged the necklines of tops and dresses beyond the boundary of decency. Then they sell us singlet tops/camisoles/slips to wear underneath so we don't reveal too much. Finally, we have to make sure we have the right sort of underwear that will work with our outerwear and not poke out embarrassingly—T-shirt bras for T-shirts, low-cut bras for low-cut tops, strapless bras for strapless dresses, and seamless knickers for the skirts and slacks that are cut just a little too tight.


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Agreed.  And also (at the mid-expensive range of clothing anyway) they only want their clothes to look good and so make a limited number of larger sized clothes so there will be fewer larger sized people out in the world looking large in their clothes.  There are always heaps of 8s and 10s on the racks…

of course by that comment I don’t mean that larger sized people or people not shaped like coat hangers can’t look good in nice clothes - it just seems to be the prevailing opinion of the fashion industry.  Personally I think any sized/shaped person (whether large or very thin) can look fantastic if they are wearing clothes that are well-cut, well-made and which suit their body type.  But sometimes we are just beholden to whatever is available that fits/we can afford and oftentimes that doesn’t leave much!

Agreed! I didn’t realise that they tend to make more 8s and 10s. I guess it’s because I don’t browse clothing stores normally ...


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