Story: 1/9/08-7/9/08

Wednesday, 15 October, 2008

Monday 1/9/08

I was in at work by 7:30. It was Paul's first day. I printed out a sign saying “Welcome Paul!” and blew up some balloons. Tony didn't have his keys so I had to let him in. Guan was in not long after, and I enlisted his help to blow up balloons. We were telling Tony about Engage in between balloons which we then scattered on the floor of Paul's office. When Tony saw what we were doing, he went and made Paul an intray and filled it with stuff. When Paul finally arrived and we showed him into his office, he was rather amused by our antics.

I got to work on the Bible brief but then reached Study 16 and realised I wasn't understanding something rather vital, so I rang the author. Elsie came and we read the Bible and prayed and reflected on Engage and prayed. The Bible brief author called back and I realised I was going to have to go over the entire Bible brief again which was rather depressing because it made me feel like I had wasted my morning.

I met with Tony in the afternoon, and then edited the Bookshelf article. I left at around 4 and spent 45 minutes on Wii Fit. It told me I had gained 3.4 kg since I had last used it (i.e. last Thursday). “What???” I thought. “That's practically a baby! That can't be right!” I had a shower and then started making dinner. Ben went to meet with Leigh and Paul, and I spent the evening watching So You Think You Can Dance? (US), did a bit of work on the feature article and two hours on The Daily Reading Bible (Volume 17). I went to bed around midnight.

Tuesday 2/9/08

I was in at 7:30 and feeling tired. I whinged to Tony, then got stuck into work and got things ready for The Briefing: Up front, Interchange, the cover and contents and the layout. I finished off the Bible brief and sent it off to the author to check it was all okay. Lunch was leftover salmon and salad. I also checked with Ian how the web migration was going.

In the afternoon, I kept working. I was supposed to do dinner with Bec and Jess before we went to the New College Lectures. Bec was tired so had to bail. Guan was in in the afternoon and decided to come work in my office. I found him an extension cord and subjected him to the happy playlist I was making him. At 5:30 Ben rang to say he was not well and that he couldn't stop shaking and could I please come home? So instead of the New College Lectures and dinner with Jess, I drove home via the back way to avoid the bad traffic.

Poor Ben had a fever. I left him sleeping and went to play with Wii Fit (which then told me I had mysteriously lost 2.2 kg since Monday). When Ben woke up, I spoon-fed him because raising his head made him feel dizzy. I made myself Cream of Chicken Soup with noodles for dinner, and watched Taken Out and half of David Attenborough's The Life of Mammals. I realised it was getting later and later, so I tried to make sure Ben was comfortable, and then went to bed.

Wednesday 3/9/08

I had planned to go to work but instead I slept in. I was supposed to take Ben to the doctor but he woke up and said he was feeling better. I played with the Wii for half an hour. My body felt sore so it must be working, even if my weight is not going down. We thought for a while that the water had been turned off again but fortunately that was not so and we were able to have a shower. I went on the computer and dealt with my email, then ate leftovers for lunch.

Then I drove to Macquarie Centre. I found Sweeney Todd the collector's edition and bought that, along with a Christmas present for someone. I went to counselling (my first session in a long while) and talked a lot but didn't come up with many solutions to my problems. Then I drove home in 40 minutes (best traffic ever coming back from North Ryde!)

At home, I didn't get any work done; instead, I went online and read two month's worth of BreakPoint and tried to deal with all the newsletters I hadn't read. I made dinner, then Ben and I watched The Life of Mammals together. I also showed Ben So You Think You Can Dance? highlights, trying to get him to understand what was so good about dance. We also watched Spicks and Specks, the rest of Mammals and some Australian Idol. Then we washed up and went to bed.

Thursday 4/9/08

I was in at work at 8. I sent The Briefing off to layout, then tried to work on The Daily Reading Bible (Volume 17). It felt like it was taking forever just to get through the first set of studies. I shared an office with Guan until Gordo came in. I had lunch with Bec and Guan—


—and then we had prayer meeting (Paul's first, so Tony got him to introduce himself to us). We prayed that I wouldn't get sick because I was starting to feel sick. There was no Briefing meeting in the afternoon but we were having Sola Panel problems, and somehow The Sola Panel ended up redirecting to Ben's blog (I worked out later it was my fault but in my defence, I didn't realise the control panel couldn't handle multiple tabs open simultaneously.) I stayed at work until 6, then drove home and changed.

Fish came to get us and we drove to Newtown and went to The Vanguard for the Sophie Koh album launch. Ben came anyway even though he wasn't feeling 100%. We had dinner there and managed to score a table right next to the stage. Fish and Ben amused themselves by playing with Fish's iPhone:


Fish and I had duck for dinner which was delicious (mmm, duck!).


There were three support acts (a number I thought was slightly excessive): two girls who sang to dance music backing tracks who, in my opinion, weren't the sort of blues, roots or jazz that The Vanguard normally showcases; Tonks Green who I rather liked (they sounded a bit like Spoon)—


and Grand Salvo (who I thought was boring).

We had dessert—Fish and I split a platter and Ben had cake.


All the food was really good (I've always wanted to eat at The Vanguard!)

Sophie Koh finally came on stage at 10 pm and she was great. She alternated songs between All the Pretty Boys and her newest album All Shook Up. I quite liked what I heard, and I loved hearing her do “Silly Thing” live.


After the show, Fish dropped us home and we went to bed.

Friday 5/9/08

I slept in until about 8:30 and then felt like I was getting sick. I got up, had a shower and tried to do some work. I got in to the office by 10:45 and sent off the rest of The Briefing. I tried to fix The Sola Panel, then realised the part that was my fault about why it was broken. Then I taught Paul some web things. We had a bit of a chat, but I felt like I was getting worse health-wise, so I left work halfway through the day to come home (stopping off at the post office, bank and supermarket to get supplies). I was going to get some Ease-a-cold but remembered I still had Vick's First Defence at home, so went and took that.

At home, I made noodles for lunch and then fixed The Sola Panel with Ben's help. I put up some posts and then took the rest of the day off.

Because we were sick, we didn't end up going to Congo for Naomi's 30th birthday party (Congo was a five-hour drive away anyway). We made stir fried mince for dinner and watched Paris Je T'aime and went to bed.

Saturday 6/9/08

We slept in. I didn't feel so good and kept taking First Defence throughout the day. I connected the Wii to the internet and worked out how to connect to other people's Wiis. I wanted to watch the Bill Baily interview on Enough Rope but they only had an excerpt of it. It also didn't work on the Wii so I watched it on Ben's computer instead while Ben played Super Mario Brothers. I did things on his computer while he played, catching up on two month's worth of Neil's blog. For lunch, we ate leftovers and then I switched to my computer and kept on reading. I gave up on Robin Mckinley's blog; I was 170 posts behind and she uses footnotes without hyperlinks!

We had planned to hang out with Bec and Guan, but being sick changed all that. I let them know via the electronic means at my disposal, and they said they would try to arrange to meet up online via Wii. They finally worked out how to connect Guan's Wii to the internet and to my Wii, but then we discovered that we couldn't actually play any games online (you need special games to do that). So we gave up and said goodbye.

I returned to my reading and caught up on two month's worth of Salon.com. We ate dinner and watched Law & Order: Criminal Intent, then I continued with the blog reading and worked on Hippocampus Extensions. I finally got the Issues template set up and working—yay! But I was naughty and didn't go to bed until 3 am.

Sunday 7/9/08

We slept in and woke mid-morning. I went to sleep again and work at 2:45. I got up, did Wii Fit for 30 minutes (yoga and muscle exercises), then had a shower and ate some muesli. On the computer, I changed over the Hippocampus Extensions domain and our email addresses. This spelled the end of the web migration and my double blog posting!

Then the power went out. I was going to cook but now I couldn't. We checked the fuse box but there wasn't anything wrong that we could see there. So we drove to Man^oosh and got dinner. We brought it home to eat, then washed up, and worked out that the power in the bedroom and the spare room was still working, even though it wasn't working anywhere else. So we unplugged our longest extension cord from the answering machine and plugged the fridge into the spare room, then spent the rest of the evening watching the end of Australian Idol, as well as Rove and Dexter on the TV in our bedroom.


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