Supanova 2007

Thursday, 06 December, 2007

Photos from this year's Supanova in Sydney (which I blogged about earlier this year).

Me and Sonic the Hedgehog (photo courtesy of Fish):

Karen and Sonic the Hedgehog

Fish and Judith in front of the King's Comics booth:

Fish and Judith in front of the King's Comics booth

Link status from The Legend of Zelda (I used to love the cartoon):

Legend of Zelda statue

Me and my black lace parasol (photo courtesy of Fish):

Karen with her dress coat and black lace parasol

Me and Mario (photo courtesy of Fish):

Karen and Mario

An overview of the entire floor of the main hall:

Booths in the main hall

Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern on the voice actors' panel:

Richard Epcar and Nancy

R2D2 units from Star Wars:

Star Wars R2D2 units

Guy dressed up like The Terminator:

The Teminator cosplay

Spirituality in comics panel with Dean, Nate Butler, Marv Wolfman and Soner Coruhlu:

Spirituality in comics panel

Nicholas Brendan

Nicholas Brendan

Christian comics guys: Nate Butler, Matt, Dean and Angus:

Christian comics booth
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Yay - you wore your dress coat!

Yes—the entire ensemble was Tree of Life! (Well, apart from the boots.)


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