The Bible: A crash course

Thursday, 25 April, 2013

So back in January, one of the major things I was working on was a short presentation covering an overview of the Bible. I was hoping to do it in five minutes, but really that's unrealistic: the Bible has a massive storyline and there was no way I could have covered it in that amount of time. I did come close, though: I got it down to about eight minutes with me speaking over PowerPoint slides. And then I presented it at a church women's training event about Bible reading, and it was very well-received and people asked me if I was going to put it up on YouTube (which was rather funny, since it was a slideshow, not a video).

Anyways, I thought it prudent to run it past someone with more theological training than me before I made anything public. I also had some ideas about what needed to be fixed, and it turns out I was right. And then the project got set aside as I strived to finish the first draft of my graphic novel script—mostly because the graphic novel script was more fun, but also because I knew I'd have to teach myself how to use iMovie. (And it's not that I'm anti-learning new things; it's just learning new things takes time and energy and effort, and no matter how many video tutorials you can watch, nothing beats getting in there and trying to do what you want to do (with the aid of Google).

I wanted to have it finished a lot sooner so I could move onto other creative projects, but then I got sick and that basically decimated a week's worth of working time. But here it is for your viewing pleasure.

A few things to note:

Right. Here's the video: “The Bible: A crash course” (10:26 min). Enjoy!


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