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Wednesday, 26 March, 2003

I haven't said much about the war but it's always in the back of my mind. It's everywhere. I don't even watch the news (remember we can't get TV) or look at the Sydney Morning Herald (or any other newspaper for that matter) and I still hear about it. Articles sent to me by email (like Breakpoint), postgrads debating wildly on their mailing lists, blogs and comments posted by other people ... it all makes for interesting and educational reading as I shed my ignorance and learn about the world, its history and current affairs.

Today I got this article in the email. It's David Fickling writing in The Guardian talking about the curious reasons behind Australia's involvement in the war. Basically, he says, it all boils down to fear: Australia is afraid that Indonesia will invade and so wants to keep her allies handy in case it ever happens.

At first I thought the idea was amusing. As if it could ever happen! But then I think of East Timor and John Marsden's Tomorrow, When the War Began series and maybe it could happen and would happen. How sad, though, that we can't get along with our neighbours and live juxtaposed lives of mistrust! Sin is spoiling our relationships. I hope I never live to see a day when my Indonesian friends are locked up in detention camps the way the Japanese and the Germans were.

But anyway, how to respond to the war? What should I think about everything I've read and seen? Recently I read Phillip Jensen's sermon on the war in Iraq and what a Christian response should be. He makes some great points which I will reiterate here:

I think I should go and spend some more time on my knees.

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Hi Karen, thanks for that summary… it was most helpful! i have printed out the sermon and will read it soon, but i just thought i’d ask you what you think about christians protesting about the war? I personally havent been to any of the protests here (tassie) but i am intersted because i know a lot of christians feel very strongly about it… for example we had john smith down here recently when one of the big protests was on and he was saying that he wished he was back in melb so he could encourage his church to go because he felt it was an important part of his expression of his christianity (i hope i’m not misquoting him here!) i didnt really agree with that, but i have been asking lots of other christians what they think about this issue. so, that’s a pretty long winded way of asking what do you think? smile

Posted by bronwyn bultman on 27 March, 2003 4:10 AM

Depends on why they’re protesting. I think it’s fine for Christians to express an opinion on the war by protesting and to do everything they can to prevent injustice and what they perceive as being ungodly acts but in the end we must submit to those whom God has put in authority over us.

What do you think?


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