Thursday, 03 March, 2005

I think that we have a 9 am start with split chapel but in fact Ben starts at 8 am with Hebrew. Oops. The extra hour of sleep is good for us though. During split chapel I sit next to Peter O'Brien and wish I had one of his books so I could ask him to autograph it. A student preaches from Mark 8. During morning tea I catch up with Ingrid who has spent two hours in rush hour traffic (yuck!) Double Potions—oops, I mean Doctrine—is next with John Woodhouse who gives us a lecture on what doctrine is and why we should study it. Our textbook was written by Peter Jensen and we are instructed to read a chapter a week. Lunch follows, then Pastoral Ministry 1 with Paul Barnett (subject on practicalities with no assessment and no requirements except attendance). His lecture is on “Paul's Pastoral Pensées” and it makes me not want to go down that line of ministry (not that I was planning on it anyway but it all depends on what Ben does).

At 2 I have women's chaplaincy group with Christine Jensen (wife of Peter the Archbishop of Sydney). She has brought us homemade almond bread. We spend the hour talking about ourselves and sharing how we met our husbands. My group includes a Miranda from Tasmania who may be a member of the “Tassie mafia”—I will have to investigate. Christine will also be meeting us outside of the chaplaincy hour in pairs. I try to figure out which afternoon is going to suit.

Ben and I drive home and then he heads off to visit a parishioner and I start doing things I've been meaning to do for days. Thank goodness there is nothing on tonight. I don't like being this busy. I should say it now: if I haven't been reading your blog for ages, I do apologise but know that I'm still praying for you.

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Miranda is a legend. smile I don’t know if she is “Tassie mafia”, but I reckon her husband, Dan, probably is. wink

I’m pretty sure there’s only one Miranda! Unfortunately she was really sick for most of the first few weeks, so you probably wouldn’t have seen her round much. She was my trainer up until last year when they went to sydney to save up for college.

Posted by bron on 03 March, 2005 7:02 AM

She’s in my women’s chaplaincy group so I hope to get to know her better! I asked her about you both and she was able to fill me in wink

Miranda’s cool.  She was with TBT last year.


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