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Saturday, 15 January, 2005

I'm trying to be a bit more organised today and I went through my diary and set the dates for our writing group for this year. It's a little difficult because there are only around 52 weeks in a year and therefore only as many weekends and the best date to hold this sort of thing has usually been a Saturday in the past. So, bearing in mind that all sorts of things could come up (like somebody I don't know about putting their wedding on that day), the following dates have been set in semi-permanent stone:

Topics still to be decided (they're usually decided the night before anyway). All meetings are at our house and lunch will be provided at minimal cost to you (no more than $5 a head but this means we need to know if you're coming so we know how much to cater for). Drop me a line if you're keen to come so I know I'm not giving out my address to an axe murderer.

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