Working update (August)

Wednesday, 11 September, 2013

Hmm. Since we're well into September, I'd better post a working update for August. I feel like August was a bit of a write-off too, work-wise—mostly because of pregnancy things (which is pretty understandable). But looking over the month, I did get a few bits and pieces done. Given the state of my brain on pregnancy hormones, I regard this as being somewhat miraculous.

M&M Vanity Project

Guan and I finally finished the revisions and sent it off. We're waiting to hear back whether it's a definite yes. (It may all still be in vain …)

Eternal Life (OGN)

I workshopped part 4 with my writing group and received some good feedback. I still need to revise part 3 to the stage where I'm happy with it. I'll workshop part 5 with them later this month. That's the longest section of the graphic novel because it also contains the climax of the story. I'm worried the whole thing will fall flat. Well, you never know until you try, and it's probably best I get feedback now than later when the art's done and there's nothing I can do to fix things.

Paul has been working on thumbnails/layouts for part 1, and has slowly been sending through pages. He often gives me a few variations on each page to look through, which is really cool. It's interesting viewing the story anew through someone else's eyes. We're meeting this week to talk about how it's going and look over what he's done so far.

Sydney Comics Guild workshop: Everything I know about self-publishing

Despite being late to this (because I was trying to find street parking, which is impossible in that area, plus Saturday morning traffic was just ridiculous) and being unable to get the data projector to work because I belatedly realised I had the wrong connector for my laptop (not that the data projector was essential), I think it went well; a number of people told me afterwards how much they had enjoyed it! I think it worked so well because I deliberately tried to make it interactive rather than me just being a talking head (bearing in mind everything Georgina has ever taught me about running training sessions). The other thing that really helped was that a number of the attendees were already doing self-publishing and so could share their wisdom and experience with the others.

I'm not planning on putting my notes online; I don't think the workshop would translate very well to blog post form. But if you're interested in the sorts of things I had to say, check out my series on self-publishing: parts 1, 2 and 3.

Looking forward

I don't have anything else hugely significant happening between now and the end of the year, creative-wise—no more cons, no deadlines, no other workshops I'm running. (This may change, depending on the state of the M&M Vanity Project.) This is probably a good thing, given the state of my brain at the moment. (It seems to vary from day to day: sometimes I feel like the first trimester fog has cleared and I've got more energy and motivation to do things; sometimes I feel like I've been enveloped by it once more. I realise that fatigue is a big part of it: I wake continually in the night—whether it be to roll over [yeah, as I'm sure you know, PGP sucks] or empty my bladder, and fatigue just adds to the fog.) Nevertheless, I'll be ecstatic if, by the end of the year, all I've done is work with Paul to complete Eternal Life part 1.

P.S. I can't believe I haven't posted this earlier but anyway, the talk I gave about Kinds of Blueat Pozible's Let's Talk Crowdfunding Sydney event last year was filmed. You can watch an edited version of the talk online (it's about 7 minutes long).

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