Working update (December)

Thursday, 13 February, 2014

It's February, so here's the recap of December (obviously ;P).

M&M Vanity Project

This was out of my basket and into other people's for a bit: as I said before, the plan was for Guan and co. to reshape the first half, then turn it over to me in mid-January.

Eternal Life (OGN)

Paul kept working on pencils for Part 1 and I gave him feedback when I could.

ASA Mentorship Program

I applied for this program at the end of October/start of November. The results were out part-way through December, and according to this, there were 257 eligible applications, with only 12 mentorships awarded. (Interestingly, none of those were for comics/graphic novels.) Unfortunately I missed out on one. Ah well: better luck next year …?

The Ledger Awards

I noticed that The Ledger Awards had been resurrected and that they were accepting nominations for work published in 2013. (The Ledgers are awarded to works of excellence in Australian comics.) Unfortunately this meant that Kinds of Blue didn't qualify because it was first published in 2011. But they were awarding special Gold Ledgers for the intervening years (2008-2012) when the Ledgers didn't run, so I nominated Kinds of Blue for that. The awards will be presented at Melbourne Supanova in April of this year. (As I'll probably have a one-month-old then, I won't go.)

The Spire Markets

As mentioned in my last update, I spent a fair chunk of November making things for The Spire Market, a quarterly craft market started by Bec and Sammi. I wasn't quite sure how the markets would go and whether there would even be a demand for the things I was selling, but I figured it was worth a try: the market was only 10am-4pm (which is quite doable for a market), a lot of my friends would be there (selling and buying), and I could even have Kinds of Blue on my stall (even though it wasn't technically “craft”). Also, my mother-in-law had a few things leftover from one of her markets and so pitched in with stall costs. This is what my table looked like:

(The quilts were made by my mother-in-law.)

It ended up being quite a nice day, and although we didn't get stacks of people through the doors, there was a steady trickle. I sold a decent amount—enough to cover costs, anyway—and some of the things that sold well surprised me, for example, these gold star Christmas decorations I knitted:

I didn't sell as many of the journals so perhaps I priced them too high, but afterwards, my mother and mother-in-law bought a few as presents.

I also got to catch up with some friends I don't see that often—some of whom had made a special trek out to come to the markets. And when I wasn't talking to people, I just sat quietly and knitted more little things. So it was quite a relaxing day!

Here are some of the pics of the rest of the market:


It's funny how Christmas comes but once a year but creates its own set of stresses—so much so that it tends to dominate both November (somewhat) as well as December. The Life Stress Test gives the Christmas season 12 points (which, as I've said elsewhere, is unfortunate as Christmas happens every year).

I tend to have a battle plan when it comes to Christmas (this is something I tend to blog about at some stage), and the plan certainly makes the whole gift-giving/wrapping thing a lot less stressful than it has been in previous years—even with the increase in the number of people we buy for. But Christmas still has a way of being uber stressful in its own way—as if the collective unconscious of society starts infecting everyone with anxiety and pressure. Two of my close friends were quite suicidal around this time of year, and one was majorly depressed. (Thankfully everyone is doing much better now.) With all this going on, I feel like a large portion of December was spent with me trying to keep the craziness at bay (rather than getting much productive writing done). That said, I did manage to complete the following knitted Christmas gifts (which I am including in my working update because I used a good chunk of work time to work on them):

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