Working update (July)

Friday, 09 August, 2013

July wasn't that remarkable, work-wise, because I tried to take something of a break. However, personal stuff has also been going on—stuff that has meant that I've found it hard to concentrate and work on the stuff I normally work on. (I know that's not an excuse … *sigh*, etc.)

Anyway, for the sake of posting something for July, here's where things are at.

Kinds of Blue

I tried a couple of avenues for distribution of Kinds of Blue, but only one of them panned out. So I am most pleased to announce that Superhero Supplements and Comics in Newtown now stocks our book.

M&M Vanity Project

I finished the fifth draft of this today and have sent it to Guan for one more look-over before we send it off.

Eternal Life (OGN)

Paul's been hard at work, doing thumbnails and layouts with rough lettering that I haven't had a chance to look over. I've workshopped part 3 with my writing group and will workshop part 4 with the later this month.

Sydney Comics Guild workshop: Everything I know about self-publishing

This is running on the last Saturday in August. It's more or less written and I think I've made it interesting enough so that I'm not just a talking head (bearing in mind everything I've learned from the wonderful Georgina about training and adult learning!)

Looking forward

More of the same, really …

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