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Friday, 05 July, 2013

I know it's July, but I didn't get a chance to write a working update for June, so here goes.

MCA Zine Fair

Technically this happened in late May, but I never blogged about it. As I've mentioned previously, the Museum of Contemporary Art Zine Fair happens in association with the Sydney Writers Festival, and as usual, it occurred on the last day of the festival from 11 am to 4 pm. It was the first time I had ever tabled there and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was sharing with Paul Caggegi, creator of the sci-fi adventure comic Pandeia (pictured here sketching):


We were in the middle of the hall and there were no walls or display boards behind us, so we had to make do. (Paul brought his very impressive Pandeia vertical banner, which marked him out really well.) Here's my side of the table all set up:


The light is overly bright because we got the morning sun full-on in the face for the first hour or two before it moved.

The Zine Fair had a great crowd there but it was very different to being at Supanova or Comic Gong. For one thing, there were no cosplayers. For another, the majority of the crowd fell in the 20-30-something age bracket. They dressed well (and slightly hipster-ish-ly), most seemed like they had been tertiary educated in some way (or at least came from the upper middle class), and most didn't seem like they were comic readers.


However, in comparison to events like Supanova and Comic Gong, many people I handed postcards to stopped and came back for another look and at least had a flip through. No one laughed or said anything derogatory about creating comics about depression. Most people were interested (or at least politely interested), even if they didn't end up purchasing a copy for themselves. (One girl, after having seen our postcard on another table, scoured the entire room to find us!) And there were a few who shared with me their own stories about depression.

I ended up completely selling out of the first Kinds of Blue print run there, which surprised me. Fortunately sales were spread out over the course of the afternoon, so I only ran out of stock just before closing.

I also picked a few comics for myself too—like a few Diabla comics by Marcelo Baez (who had been at Comic Gong the previous week) and Zeera the Space Pirate by NoemZ.


As mentioned earlier on this blog, selling out of Kinds of Blue meant reprinting, and reprinting took a little while because there were a few things we had to fix, plus we were working with a different printer, which made me super cautious about making sure everything was perfect before we proceeded with the run. So what seemed like a simple little job actually took a number of weeks of going back and forth with Bec as well as our printer before I could cross that off my To Do list.

Sydney Comics Guild workshop

I ran this for the Sydney Comics Guild on Saturday 8th June and put up my notes from it here.

Supanova Sydney

Yes, yes, you know already. And if you don't, go read my blog post about that.

M&M Vanity Project

I finished test driving the material for that and started doing revisions. It's currently with Guan at the moment. Also, we need to come up with some more material for the fifth (necessary) session. I'm still not sure how much I can say about it publicly. In any case, I'd rather not at this stage because I'm still conscious that it may not pan out in the end. Perhaps when things are a bit more certain …

Eternal Life (OGN)

I've been workshopping the script of Eternal Life (the original graphic novel I'm working on with Paul Wong-Pan) with my writing group section by section. (So far we've done two sections.) Then I've been redrafting before sending the revised versions to Paul. In turn, he's been working on character designs. He'll start working on thumbnails shortly, which will be very exciting.

(Well, exciting for me; unfortunately you won't be seeing any of this for a long while …)

Six-page comic script

Jemima Trappel, who worked with me on “A friend in need”, is coordinating the Sydney Comics Guild anthology for this year. (If you're a guild member, she posted about it here and here.) The theme is “the locked door”. Last week at the mid-week meeting, I was working on the bits and pieces of an idea I had for a six-page script, but didn't feel like it was coming together. And then, strangely enough, during the last half hour of the meeting, it did. I fleshed it out into full script form today and am currently seeking a collaborator. Hopefully that's another project that will reach the finish line …

Looking forward

So what's on the cards in the weeks ahead?

Right. Better get to it.

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