Working update (November)

Sunday, 08 December, 2013

It's December, so here's the recap for November.

M&M Vanity Project

This came back requiring MAJOR revisions—at least to the first half of it. The current plan is for Guan and our editor to re-shape the first half of it during December/early January and then for them to hand it over to me to fix the second half (possibly in conjunction with Guan, depending on his workload). I'm hoping that we can produce an acceptable manuscript before the baby comes. (That's not asking too much, is it? Of course, the baby might be early …)

Eternal Life (OGN)

I workshopped part 5 with my writing group and received good feedback. I still need to go back and revise everything based on their feedback but I'm leaving a bit of time for that. Paul finished doing layouts and started on pencils for Part 1.

Rites of passage (for the SCG anthology)

Nathan and I finally finished this and put it online!

ASA Mentorship Program

I received receipt of my application, but results won't be announced until mid-December.

Growing Faith

I've started writing occasionally for the Growing Faith website, which is devoted to equipping and energising Christian parents and carers. They put up TV, movie and book reviews, useful links and short articles about all sorts of things relating to Christian parenting. My brother-in-law suggested me as a possible writer and put me in touch with Richard Beeston, who edits the site. (Richard also wrote Now That You Are Back: A Journey Through Depression and fronts the band All Mankind.) It's not a paying gig, but for me, it's a terrific outlet and platform from which to talk about the parenting stuff I'm interested in. My first article for them went online part-way through the month: it's called “Judging parents” and it's all about (surprisingly) parental judgement. I hope to start working on a second article for them soon.

SPD comic

Even though you've probably already read it, it's worth mentioning that I produced and published the comic “Everything I know about SPD (Symphysis pubic dysfunction)” during this month (and as a result, learned a bit more about how to use the iPad app Paper by 53). I can't promise that this will lead to more comics written and drawn by me, but that is certainly something I have been thinking about lately.

The Spire Market

Finally, the last major thing I worked in November was bits and pieces for The Spire Market, an initiative of Bec and Sammi who thought it would be cool to open and run a quarterly craft market for their wares. As I only had about a month's notice, I wasn't quite sure what to make, so settled on coptic bound journals—

Coptic bound journals for The Spire Market.

—as well as a few other bits and pieces. (Unfortunately most knitted things take too long.) But I'll talk more about that in the December update.

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