Working update (October)

Wednesday, 20 November, 2013

I feel like October was a bit more productive but perhaps going to GRAPHIC made me feel that way. Certainly it was a bit harder because I didn't have my regular childcare slots for the first week or so because the email scheduling service I was using got a server upgrade and then, for some reason, stopped working altogether. And then there was the usual domestic and church tasks requiring my attention. (The church stuff was mostly to do with women's ministry, which I am quitting next year because that, in combination with Music Time, is too much for me.)

M&M Vanity Project

We were still waiting to hear back.

Eternal Life (OGN)

Paul was still working on layout revisions.

Rites of passage (for the SCG anthology)

Nathan was still plugging away at this, sending through occasional new material for me to look at.

ASA Mentorship Program

I decided to apply for the Australian Society of Authors Mentorship Program and spent a bit of time putting my application together. (Paul gave me permission to include his draft thumbnails for the beginning section of Part 1 of our graphic novel.) I won't hear back until later in November, I think.

Comic shop signing

I went to a local comic book shop to do a signing as part of their Halloween promotion (where you could also get free comics). In hindsight, I should have asked more questions about what it would involve—whether there would be a table, whether the shop would be promoting my work, and so on. As it was, there was no table, I didn't sell or sign one book during the time I was there, and wasn't quite sure what I should be doing. At a con, it's easier, in a sense, because people are coming past your table all the time and you can give them postcards and if they're interested, you can chat further and get them to flip through your book. But in a comic shop or a bookshop, you don't want to be harassing the customers who are probably there to pick up their weekly comics haul and maybe a few other bargains. Anyways, good lessons for next time.


I wrote a 1000-word article that will go up on the website it was intended for soon. I'll post the link in the November update.

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