Working update (September)

Monday, 18 November, 2013

Since we're well into November, I should probably do an update. September was pretty much a write-off, creatively speaking, as well as August: it was the month that two sets of grandparents were out of the country and I focused most of my efforts on toilet training (and staying sane throughout toilet training) and other domestic bits and pieces. Oh, and a few volunteer jobs for church. And then the final week going into October was devoted to having a bit of a family holiday.

M&M Vanity Project

Nothing happened with this because we were mostly waiting to hear back.

Eternal Life (OGN)

Paul finished the layouts for practically the whole of part 1 (often with variations) and we met and talked about revisions.

Comic for the Sydney Comics Guild anthology

I wrote a six-page script for this and asked if anyone in the guild was interested in collaborating. Fortunately my Supanova Sydney table mate Nathan Seabolt put his hand up before the sound of crickets became overwhelming. He had to finish his own contribution first, but after that, he started working intensively on this—doing thumbnails, draft layouts, creating character designs and building 3D models for backgrounds. I tried to fit in feedback and revisions during rest times and evenings. It's called “Rites of passage” and it incorporates the anthology theme of the locked door.

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