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Thursday, 03 March, 2005

Oh yes, forgot to blog about this. Writing Group was on Saturday. In total there were 8 of us and half of them were first-timers. We did a writing exercise (write about what you did yesterday from the third person in the genre of romance, detective or high fantasy; read Haoran's attempt). Ben got us thinking about the topic of suicide and the Bible. I did a session on interviewing (and it was helpful having a real journalist there!) and after lunch we did workshopping. I was impressed with what our group members were coming up with in the creative stakes. I hope they keep coming back.

Next meeting is Saturday 14th May. Let us know if you're interested and you can make it.

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It was great Karen. If possible I’d definitely be back. Trying to convince a few of the others from church.

Posted by Paul Gatt on 05 March, 2005 1:28 AM

That would be great, Paul! I’m glad it was useful to you. Any feedback on how it was run would also be appreciated—we’d like to improve (yes, and I should probably go and buy tea and coffee and real milk next time too ...)

Church weekend away 13-15 May!!!!! ARGHHHH :(

Posted by Georgina on 08 March, 2005 12:41 AM


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